São Martinho Do Porto

São Martinho do Porto is a Portuguese seaside resort. The shell-shaped bay is connected to the ocean through a narrow gap between rocky hills, making the water calm and warm. The beach is therefore very popular with families, who prefer the calm water over the rough sea. The bay is surrounded by a wide sandy beach and a nice walking avenue. Behind it lies a pleasant village with nice shops and restaurants. The dunes between São Martinho do Porto and the nearby Salir do Porto, have been declared a nature reserve and have scenic walking trails. These dunes and rocks that enclose the bay offer beautiful hiking trails with breathtaking views of the bay, the city and even Nazaré, 15 kilometres away.

Thanks to its central location, São Martinho do Porto is close to many major cultural attractions. Within a radius of 100 km you will find many cities (like Coimbra, Lisbon, Porto, Alcobaça, Batalha, Leiria,...) and / or historical monuments that are more than worth a visit.

The tourist information center is the place to be for all information on nearby events and attractions. The options are plentiful: a city trip, paragliding, surf, playing golf, walking or cycling...or just a day at the beach! Enjoy it!

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